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How To Celebrate Lunar New Year In Los Angeles

Crustacean is celebrating the new year on Feb. 10 and 11 with an eight-course “Heaven and Earth Prosperity” menu for $188, symbolizing good fortune and life. Festivities include a lion dance, a candy artist, and red envelopes with gift certificates for guests.

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Chef Helene Horizontal photo 17th Class of the California Hall of Fame

A Hot Natural Wine Bar Resurfaces at a Popular Koreatown Cafe

Chef Helene An, famed for her Vietnamese-French fusion cuisine, was inducted into the California Hall of Fame. Originating from Vietnam, she established Crustacean in San Francisco in 1991, later expanding to Beverly Hills in 1995. Known as the “Mother of Fusion,” An’s culinary expertise spans over five decades.

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Crustacean decor

The 15 Best Asian Restaurants in Beverly Hills

Crustacean in Beverly Hills earns consistent acclaim for its seafood and unique dining environment, including a serene koi pond. Favorites among guests include the garlic noodles and the bisque, with the overall experience receiving a solid 8.3 rating.

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Crustacean Beverly Hills

Spring Crustacean

Experience the essence of spring at Crustacean restaurant, as featured in ‘Spring Crustacean’ on ‘All Things Andy Gavin.’ This blog post captures the unique flavors and ambiance of the restaurant, showcasing a signature crustacean dish.

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Tuesday – Friday
11:30pm–10pm | Closed 2:30-5pm
Saturday & Sunday
11:30am–10pm | Closed 3-5pm
Closed Mondays

AN the GO Takeout
Curbside Pick-up on Santa Monica
Tuesday – Sunday: 11:30am – 8pm


For AN the GO takeout orders, text or call your order to (424) 303-8108.
For restaurant: (310) 205-8990.
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