We kindly remind all of our valued guests of the following policy:

Based on health concerns and the government requirement that everyone wear masks due to COVID-19, which can make breathing difficult, we have no choice but to be very careful about strong odors such as perfumes, colognes, smoke and other products in our Restaurant. We also have a strict policy against strong odors of products used by customers prior to coming to the Restaurant.

Based on these, and the fact that we cannot control the number of outdoor seats due to government orders, we reserve the right to ask any guests who may not be in accordance with this policy to return to our Restaurant and enjoy our hospitality another time, when these may not be issues.

At Crustacean, we value our guests as our dear friends. When you enter Crustacean, you enter our home. In doing this, we always strive to provide each of our guests a special and unique, but also safe and comfortable, experience.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We look forward to welcoming you to our home.