Join us for

Martini & Oyster


Launching on June 19, Limited Time Only!

Martini & Oyster Hour

Launching on June 19, 2024 

4:30 pm – 6:30 pm  |  Tuesday – Friday

at Anna May Bar, Patio and Lounge

$10 Martini  &  $2 Oyster

Join us as we kick off the summer with oyster and martini hour on June 19th
throughout June!

Crustacean Beverly Hills Martini & Oyster Hour 21

Enjoy oysters that are sourced from the freshest and most sustainable fisheries, ranging from Kumamoto to Malpeque.

Complement each oyster with a unique cocktail sauce crafted by Chef and Mama, featuring roasted and charred tomatoes and red bell peppers with a hint of fish sauce for a distinct flavor .

The minimum order is a half dozen oysters.

Haku Vodka Martini
Roku Gin Martini

Served: Dirty, dry, shaken, or stirred, with a choice of lemon twist or olives.

Haku Pomegranate Martini

Crustacean Beverly Hills Martini & Oyster Hour 1

Due to our special pricing, we offer these exclusive martinis without modifications or substitutions.

Enjoy the perfect pairing of martinis and fresh oysters. 


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